This was supposed to be a moonflower vine...

christy2828(8a)July 11, 2010

I bought some white flowering moonflower vines and some purple flowering moonflower vines on Ebay. My dogs trampled the first set and I bought more of each. I had my husband put the next set of seeds in, and think I asked for mostly or all white seeds to be put in but I do not remember (I had surgery). They were slow to grow, and now that they are vining they do not look like either moonflower to me. I looked at the seeds, and the white ones look normal, the purple ones I'm not familiar with. Does anyone recognize what I have? Thank you for any help :) Christy

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Looks like the type of leaves that Ipomoea alba produces after the runners have been crawling along the ground for awhile...the leaves can change to a multi-lobed form.

The plants that only produce the multi-lobed leaves can be Ipomoea alba var.heterophylla...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea alba producing multi-lobed leaves on runners

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Interesting, thank you! I had surgery, and my husband didn't go out there to start twining them up the trellis for several weeks - he just did that a few days ago. Maybe that is why!! Thanks for the help, Ron :) Christy

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