Blue Moon on new wood ?

twroszJuly 22, 2008

This spring I had set out a strong 7 plant that has grown strongly, it has more than doubled in size and is lush and healthy with many vigorous vines. Though it had not flowered this spring, I was wondering about possible later bloom for which this wisteria is known. From the new long vines, several of the lateral leaf buds have begun to break  I take it this is where I can expect (and hope for) flowers to be produced?


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Wisterias can be problematic. I have 'Amethyst Falls' which flowered last year but not this year. It has plenty of sun and decent but not overfertile soil.

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My biggest issue will be whether the wisteria will survive here in cold zone 3 winters. I have mine situated on the south side of my home, though does gets filtered sun for a few hours during the afternoon. The soil is good, though I also avoided overly amending it and do not fertilize the plant ... but, now I want to see some blooms!


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