Brown worms with pincers in my bin

ocor25August 24, 2011

Just recently I had a fairly large amount of brown worms with pincers appear in my bin. They are about 1/2" in size, segmented,and are voracious eaters. As soon as put new food in the bin they are all over it with in hours. I have never seen them before so I am not familiar with what they are. Just a bit concerned because I dont know if they will do any harm to the compost or worms. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks

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CathyCA SoCal(10)

Sounds like it might be earwigs?

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Thanks for the response cathyca...but I found out from a friend with the same worms in her bin that they are the larva of the black solder fly....I actually found out this type of worm is also used in a different type of vermicomposting.

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yes, and they get huge! The ones in my bin frequently got over 1" long, which seems to be excessive seeing as the black soldier flies are usually about 1/4".

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They should be harmless unless too many invade your bin, then thy will compete with the red worms for food. Also if you have an enclosed bin like a plastic tub they can create alote of excess liquid while eating thus causing your tub to become anerobic, not good for your worms.

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Can you post a picture?
I'm curious because as far as I can see, BSFL don't have pinchers.

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