Mandevilla vine is not growing

dbinerJuly 22, 2010

I have a mandevilla that managed to survive our nasty winter of last year, but it is July now and the vine is only about 5 inches high and refuses to grow any bigger. The leaves are green and healthy with no signs of disease or pests. I've watered and fertilized with no results. It's planted in the ground, not a pot. We added compost to the soil we brought in for our raised bed. Any ideas as to why it's not growing?

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I'm assuming it's getting good sun. Otherwise, I suspect that there is some problem at the roots (maybe involving the soil). How's the drainage? I'd be tempted to pot it up in some decent soil and just grow it containerized. It should be growing like a weed at this point.

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They need lots of water and sun and good soil. Miss one of three in the right amount and it will not grow. I've got one growing in a pot on my patio. I wintered it over in the house pot and trellis. It's filled in from thin look of winter and has lots of flowers.

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