What variety of native wisteria is this

cadillactasteJuly 7, 2014

Though...it's the smallest bud...opening. We are anticipating storms to roll through. I grabbed a quick photo of the smallest opening up. Figuring the blooms may have a chance of being damaged. And I really would like to figure out which variety I own.

I presumed Amethyst Falls...but...I thought the bloom would be much lighter. Though...previous spent racemes stems are between 2-6". I also heard if it had a scent it would smell like cat urine. This one...has a scent...slightly fragrant...and quite pleasant. (Nothing like cat urine)

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Curious if soil and habitat around it doesn't factor into some of the variations I am finding with Amethyst Falls...or...if there are other varieties of it. Some I have done a Google search on says they have a nice fragrance...some say they smell pungent like cat urine (no mistaking that scent!) others say...it has no fragrance at all. Yet all are listed as Amethyst Falls...some blooms seem pale lavender...while others seem dark purple with my search as well.

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It has rained here,then the sun came out. I was outside picking up branches from the winds that blew through...and my neighbor was walking by...stopped and commented on this tree. She commented on the slight sweet fragrance asking if it was the tree she was smelling? I told her to go ahead and take a closer sniff of the blooms and see. She laughed out loud and declared indeed it was! When the wind blew again...you could smell a faint sweet smell.

Really wish I knew this variety. Assumed it was Amethyst Falls...but...no where do ones say it smells pleasant. I am thinking another variety it must be. For it has the small blooms/racemes that the Amethyst Falls are known for.

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Even the sucker is blooming...(plan on air layering it next year)

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What a beautiful...floral sweet fragrance. All the neighbors are commenting. (Subtle you have to get up close to it to smell it...they noticed when admiring the small blooms.)

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