Plants growing in bins

iLoveLawnAugust 28, 2013

This bin is the worst. Should I pull these plants? Whatever they are? or let them grow and the worms can eat the roots?

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The worms won't eat the roots. I say pull them. Then leave them in the bin to decompose.

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The bin looks like a bucket which is fine. If you have several of these bins just dump it into the next bucket. The sprouts will then be on the bottom and should be gone by the next time you look in. Better these seeds sprout in the bin than when you use the vermicompost to start seedlings. A quick run through the top of the bin with a tri prong garden tool or just add more kitchen scraps and bedding on top. I sort of thought this is how bins are supposed to look.

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Whoever said super market taters are sprayed with something to prevent sproting should see my bins and piles.

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Bin, bucket, pail, container call it whatever you want. These stupid cantaloupe seeds are killing me. I plucked the entire cluster of sprouts, then put on about 8 inches of new bedding on top of it, and every day new sprouts keep poking through. It's pissing me off because I don't want these seeds sucking Nitrogen and nutrients from my compost.

I'm gunna separate out the cantaloupe seeds next time, or blend them up beforehand. Lesson learned.

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I like the squash type seeds in the vermicompost because when I use it on the bare spots on the grass they grow for a few days and make visible that those areas now have grass. I can avoid or when the new grass is long enough mow them over.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

I've had more tomato & pepper plants than I can count. Sometimes I pot them up out of curiosity. The tomatoes were gorgeous. I once accidentally put old bird seed (from the bottom of a bird cage) into a big outdoor worm bin. Needless to say I had enough seedlings to fill a meadow.

No biggie. Murder the little seedlings and let the worms eat thier carcasses.


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The sprouts aren't sucking nitrogen or other nutrients out of the bin. As long as the sprouts are still in the bin, so are the nitrogen and nutrients. Pull them up, and drop them back on the surface of the bin. They will decompose and return all the nitrogen, etc back into the compost.

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Stop putting seeds in your bin!

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Stop worrying about it. They aren't hurting anything and if you just pull out the roots they'll die and the worms will eat them.

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I rarely have a problem with sprouts, and I add seeds to my bin all the time. Could be because I freeze the worm food for at least 24 h before binning it. The freezing might kill the seeds.


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abzzybee(9/10 S. Florida)

Freezing the food is a great idea, I do that if I have too much and room in the freezer. Another way to deal with it is to put it all in a blender, it should pulverize most of the seeds.

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