Mystery vine

kerrysuz(z6MA)July 27, 2008

This vine (see has been growing in our yard for about a month. At first we suspected it was a squash or cucumber dug up by a squirrel and replanted (because some of our cucumbers WERE missing, but the squirrels were nice enough to replace them with sunflowers...ha), but the leaves of this vine don't match anything that we have, and it's not producing any fruit. It is also very sticky when touched, and its tendrils really get a hold on things!!! So without any fruit, we're having a lot of trouble identifying this.

I live in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Any ideas??

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The link you gave does not work.

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But it DOES work! I just checked again (and checked three times before posting it). Maybe it's timing out on you because of the large images. Bummer. I don't know how to show the images directly on this page. Maybe try again?

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michi81(zone 7)

Have you tried to go to Photobucket and submit your photos? Once you have submitted your photos in an album in your own account there is a little box you can check on the lower right corner of the photo box. Click what you would like to have posted on your posting here. Then click on the Generate HTML button. Then go to the area that says HTML images and copy and paste whats in that area under your posting here and that should give you the picture you are trying to show us ;)

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zubababy(6b Utah)

the pics worked fine for me
here are the pics

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Not sure what it is called, but I have it around my yards as well. It's fairly common in MA as it was in yards and gardens when I was a kid as well.

We used to call it "fake grape vine weed" when I was little, because it looks just like grape vines when they are young.

Just pull it out and keep hacking it down or you can spray it with some round-up to get rid of it for good.

I had to do that when we first bought our house because one entire side and half of the back yard was infested with it. We have almost a full acre of land and it was just too much to pull.
Once it was gone, we just pull it out if some shows up again in a spot.

You might want to post the pic on the name that plant forum and see if they can give you a name for it.


Here is a link that might be useful: name that plant

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Maybe it's this .

Here is a link that might be useful: Sicyos angulatus

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I believe it may be one of the wild cucumber family. Here's a link,

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legumefinder(z6 TN)

I agree on sicyos angulatus, it grows very far out and up trees really quick. The fruits have barbed prickles on them that brack off very easily when dry.

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