Ron, got another MG with no ID

littleonefbJuly 23, 2008

Ok, Ron, this is really starting off strange this year. 2 blooms, 2 different vines and no idea what they are.

This was supposed to be a Large flowering japanese morning glory. It was from a trade and was intrigued with curiosity to see what it would be.

So here's the pic. reminds me of another rejected attempt at a Mt fuji but the flowers are smaller than I'd expect for one, about 3 3/4 inches, solid green leaves, but the right shape for Mt fuji.

The color in the pic is accurate too, so it doesn't match any Mt fuji color I have ever seen.


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Hi Fran,

Emma had shared some seeds of a Lavender Youjiro with someone who is an ebay merchant and the seeds produced what the merchant has referred to as a "fuji no monet' as shown in the PlantFiles here
many of the seeds from ebay did not produce anything like the sales pictorial and some of the seeds offered as the 'fuji no monet' produced blooms very similar to what you have posted here...

Hope that helps...



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Now that is really interesting. Looking back on my records from last year, not the best in the world, but I'm getting better at it, the seeds where either from my own Mt fuji that was purple/blue or they where from a few seeds that Emma sent me a couple of years ago.

Either way, the vine never got into the ground last year or a pot for that matter because it never germinated, so I thought. Then in August I found a MG bloom in a styrofoam cup tossed to the side with the rest of the non germinators and took a pick of it. collected seeds and labeled it "back yard container". When it came time to sow seeds, I decided to sow the 2 seeds I got from the one in the cup, just for fun.

last years pic, parent of the one above blooming this year. remember now, my camera is not the best and the pic really struck me as a strange looking Youjiro ie known as mt fuji, but the bloom colors are exactly the same.


Now I really have to watch carefully, with camera in hand, to see if other blooms will come closer to last years bloom.

Thanks for the help.


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