Trying to Kill Campsis Radicans/Red Trumpet Vine

KendraSchmidtJuly 14, 2012

I'm trying to kill a red Campsis Radicans (a trumpet vine), as this thing is popping up everywhere and trying to take over. I'm using boiling water to try and kill the shoots I see so far. We're hoping to put a lawn border, to at leas try and contain the vines, but the lawn border is about 8 inches in height. Is it possible for the vine to grow downward, to go eight inches below ground to try and reach past the lawn border and grow into the yard.

Please, any help would be fantastic. I hate this plant. :o(

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I hate to say it but yes it can send runners deep underground and they can come up quite far from the original plant. Once established I think the Campsis radicans is next to impossible to eradicate. After a nuclear explosion there will still be cockroaches and trumpet vines! You can try cutting back any runners that pop up and treating the cut stem ends with a herbicide. I really don't think that boiling water will have much of an effect. I finally gave up on trying to get rid of the damn vine and now just work on containing it to the far back yard. Good luck.

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