Strange Philodendron Markings / Yellowing

cwestnJuly 31, 2014

Hello, I have a Philodendron growing along fishing line, up and around a southern facing window. For months now, leaves have been yellowing, and entire 3ft sections of leaves have turned brown and fell off, despite the vine seeming healthy before and after these sections and apparently adequate lighting.

The curious part is that as can been seen in the photo, the leaves are yellowing in a strange pattern, leaving greenish-brown squiggly marks on the leaves before eventually dying.

I would expect that were it a watering issue, the leaves wouldn't fall off in just sections of the vine.

I have been combating spider mites on my other plants, but have yet to see clear evidence of infestation on this philodendron.

Please help!!!

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another photo - earlier in yellowing process

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