Prepping my veg garden

zerbit(5)August 30, 2009

My husband and son just built three great raised beds we are going to use for vegetables in the spring. I'm wondering if I should use this time to start worm colonies in the beds and even experiment with feeding them (kitchen waste) through the end of the growing season and into the winter.

Yes, I'm a noob and if this is dumb, try to be gentle with me. I'd love any feedback from you seasoned gardners! :^)

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leearnold(z5 In.)

It would be fine to start the beds now. Just remember, the adult worms won't make it through the winter unless you insulate the beds well. If you have access to leaves, you could pile them real deep on the beds to help insulate it. But even if the adults don't make it, they will lay lots of cocoons as colder weather approaches. And the babies will hatch in the spring, ready for your beds. Also, you need to keep the organic matter level of the bed high so that they have something to eat. Good luck with your project. Let us know how it goes!

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Prep your beds now. Either work a lot of compost into the soil, and wait for the soil dwelling worms to show up, or create a trench composting system. A trench system is just a worm bin in a trench along one edge of the garden. As leearnold mentioned, the worms may not overwinter.

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Thanks for the responses. I've got somewhere to start.

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I've gone out and worked some water into the soil, created a trench on one side of one of the three beds and buried it. I gave myself about 4-6 inches from the side so there was some soil for insulation and now I will start with my worms. I'm so excited!!!

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what happens to the worms in the trench after a season of growing?

do you leave them in the soil to die?
do you take them out somehow or maybe keep feeding them on the surface of the soil ?

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