Need Vine advice in Florida

hydroponicsJuly 8, 2007

I have over 300 feet of 6 ft tall chain link fence with privacy slats, The privacy slats are about like having nothing.

I live in Florida where it is hot with lots of direct sun and lots of rain; I would like to grow a good vine that would be green all year long and if it grew many small leaves that would cover the fence that would be okay, however I am just looking for a nice vine that grows quickly, covers a lot of area and will survive this heat.

Yes it would be nice if it had loads of flowers, but I will settle for a good vine that will give me a little privacy while I am in the yard working in the garden.

Seems that every time I am working in the garden a dozen people come to the fence and want to talk and it takes away my time in the garden.

If you have a link to a reliable place where I can get seeds for the vine that would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance


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You should have a large variety of vines to chose from in your zone. Maybe passifloras (many like full sun) or a Clerodendron thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart vine).

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Solandra Longiflora or thumbergia/clock vine would work. The solandra smells wonderful at night, common name in miami was chalice vine. You can make cuttings of it over the years to completely cover your fence.

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I didn't think of the Chalice vine. That would be a great choice and it has such beautiful blooms. There's also a variety that has variegated foliage.

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I also live in FL [Pinellas Cty] and am looking at vines. I've come across crossvine, which seems vigorous and is native; passionvine is GREAT on chainlink, and you can also get a variety that produces passionfruits, or just stick with flowering varieties; florida honeysuckle [the native, not Japanese, which gets out of control] are all great. I am curious about one called queen's wreath, which produces panicles of lavender/purple flowers.

hope this helps,

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Thumbergia also known as Sky vine is a very fast grower. Provides privacy and the flowers are beautiful.All year round in your area.

Passion vines above and below are also a good choice

Happy gardening, Felix

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Petra Volubilis (Queen's Wreath) is gorgeous! Large leathery foliage and clusters of lavender blooms. Mine is still on the small side and has to be wintered over inside but I love it. Some people also call the Coral Vine Queen's Wreath and they are very different plants. Passies are also a good choice and quite beautiful, as you can see in the photos in the previous post. I have several passiflora varieties covering a wooden privacy fence. I attach fishing line to the fence for them to climb on.

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I have an Alamanda (yellow) that has completely covered my 8 foot privacy fence and it now climbing up a palm tree I have in the corner.

They're not exactly vines, you have to train them. But once they get going, nothing stops them. I wish I had a picture to show you, it's beautiful!

By the way Felix, I have a Red Passion Vine that has done a good job of climbing. It's all over the place. But it won't BLOOM! Any ideas why?


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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

In NC, manettia inflata that was purchased from Plant Delights a few summers ago is a vigorous carefree plant that attracts hummingbirds by the dozens. After establishing it the first year, the plant has gotten by with no supplemental water. Can't beat it in my opinion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Delights Listing

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I don't know the area you are in. But here in south Fla. I am now trying to grow the Snail vine,for the blooms,but it has tiny far. BUT my best luck has always been passion vines. But the BIG ones. The 'Ruby Glo' or 'Alata' variety. I get that one to grow to over 100 feet long. BUT now that I am trying to FIND a big plant of it again. I cant find it. All I can get are seeds,but I finally got a 2 foot long rooted cutting off of EBay,and it was only like $6.00! My old vine I had, I cut back to hard or something and it died. The Alata has huge leaves and giant red flowers all over it!
But the plain passion vine grows great in the heat and blooms a lot. I also grow the Sky Vine and it is covered in flowers right now and trying to keep it in check is getting hard to do. I am surprised at how good it is doing in the heat! I keep cutting it back and it keeps growing and blooming. So if you like a FAST growing vine, like I do, the Sky vine is good,and passion vines are great as well.

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Here's a picture of my Alamanda. It shows how it's covered my fence and is going up a nearby Palm Tree.

By dgarrand, shot with PDRM5 at 2007-08-02


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