prairiepaintbrush(RedOak, TX z7/8)March 22, 2007

or however you speel it. Does anyone know what kind of a grass it is? I'm skeert of it. I'm afraid it's just a new version of bermuda, the scourge of humanity. SAAAALLLLYYYY!!!! Do you know anything about it?

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I have a little buffalo, but we are going to put in Turfalo
and it is not like bermuda, lol

Here is a link that might be useful: turfalo

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This is the 2nd or 3rd year for our turfalo, we put it in the middle of Sept & it has totally covered the area. It needs maybe an inch of rain a month & doesn't have to be mowed unless you want it manicured & neat. I wanted a wildflower meadow, so the next section that goes in DH gets to mow. I think the highest it grew was maybe 9 or 10 inches. I have daffs planted in it, volunteer larkspur, & german chamomile so far. All this is in the backyard around the pond, the front will have to be more DH's style. Hopefully we can put more in on the narrow side of the front yard. The grass is soft on your toes. I love it. Bev

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prairiepaintbrush, are you going to put it in?

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Bev, did you have to wipe out all existing grass like you have to do with buffalo grass, or did you just till & plant? Will it crowd out weeds or any other grasses, like bermuda?

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the place we put it in was where we'd put all the dirt from digging the pond. It was total weeds then once we got the dirt leveled & dug up, we just planted the plugs. A few weeds tried to grow up in the gaps but were easy to pull up & the turfalo filled in pretty quick. It's looking pretty thick & except for a couple of places no problems with weeds. I think we had so much moisture over the winter that some weed seeds germinated. It's greening up nicely & is about 4 inches high.

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