Honeysuckle Upkeep

Amberns(8B)July 27, 2011

I have a Honeysuckle vine that has been on my fence since I moved to my new home its very established and I love the placement. Problem is I don't know how to maintain it....the bottom is stickly and dead looking but the top is green and healthy. It's tangled beyond help onto the fence I'm sure its beyond light pruning. Would it be ok if I cut it back tremendously in the fall? How much can I cut without killing it? I want to come back nice and bushy to keep the privacy in my garden area.

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I don't know what kind of honeysuckle you've got, but hey, it's a honeysuckle and can take a fair amount of abuse. I went at mine (a sempervirens, about 5 years in the ground here) from underneath - cut out the oldest branches, reined it in from my neighbor's side of the fence, and was pretty ruthless about the rest. I'd say that I reduced it, overall, by half. This was in May, and it's about as big as it was before, even with the heat and no rain.
You're in Zone 8, so you can probably do this anytime, as you won't have the winter downtime.
These are tough plants; don't worry so.

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That's great! I'll be having at those vines then. I appreciate the advice!

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