virginia creeper

maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)July 15, 2007

Hi, I cut some cuttings from a very mature vine. I read here it takes root in a few days. I cut it under water to eliminate air to the stem, then I stuck it in a pail of water and set in the shade. I looked at a few hours ago and it is droopy, wilted looking. Is that normal and will it be OK? I tried to get a piece with roots but they go all the way to China I swear.

Thanks to any and all.

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bluebars(7 MD)

Yes, to China! I believe you! Remember THAT, when you decide where to plant it!
It's much easier to just dig up a piece with a bit of roots (cut the root with a shovel if you have to, leaving the growing shoot and some of its white roots) and stick it in dirt.
I had planted one that volunteered in a neighbor's garden, just dug it up and stuck in dirt. It grew quickly, climbing a fence nicely. But it was WAAAY too happy, and gave me absolutly no blooms, thus no berries for the birds, and the local deer devoured every single leaf that dared stick outside the wire fence. Whatever was left got a white powdery mildew, so I didn't even get nice fall color. I gave it two summers, but no more.
Now I will have to kill the main root with poison to eliminate it because it has creeped, just an inch or two just below the surface along my entire garden (to China). Pulling the roots out disturbs a LOT of soil and thus disturbing the roots of everything else, including shallow rooted shrubs. It is named "Creeper" for a reason!
I still love Virginia Creeper, and enjoy seeing it climbing the walls along highways, especially in its fall color. But I would not put it in a garden, not on purpose...

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Amen! Not unless you want to give it to everyone in your neighborhood as well.

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lovek9(8 Austin)

Wow. Reading this makes me wonder if I did the right thing by planting this vine along a fence in my yard. I was looking for something that would grow quickly in shade to provide some privacy and cover an ugly fence. I planted two vines and they are both growing nicely, except they seem to be very attractive to some sort of caterpillar. The cats aren't doing too much damage to the plant, but their "droppings" are covering the fence below with slime (a nice image, huh?).

Should I take the Creeper out while I still have a chance and look for something else that will grow in shade? I live in Austin, TX.

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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

it is a very fast growing vine, depending on who you talk to and what you are trying to accomplish,It does what it does.
With that being said, my neighbor has it on a common fence we share. He trims it regularily to keep it off of his whirrlygigs, and it seems to be kept in check. I have let some find its way to the power pole close to the fence and it has climed the pole in two seasons, I mow around it and under it and it hasn't been a problem so far. I have also trained it to cover an ugly fence in the back by the alley, again, it is doing what I wanted it to do.
It does provide privacy as well as a cover up to what you don't want to look at. It is a vine and vines do wander, but I like that about it.
I see it everywhere here but never taking over a neighborhood. I'd say leave it, it's not a bad word, in my opinion.

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