trumpet creeper &/or trumpet vine ???

maidinmontanaJuly 15, 2007

I have a plant I bought at Walmart and have been trying to ID it, I thought it was a trumpet vine but a few post suggest a trumpet creeper(campsis redicans fava). When I google and search here it seems they are one of the same or at least some ppl think they are. Can someone clear it up for me please.

From what I read they are supposed to form pea pods where the seeds are stored, mine has had flowers but I don't see any sign of pods, or is it too early? Mine doesn't have clingy fingers but it appears it is a climber of some sort. Heres a pic and thanks to any and all.

heres the pic of the flower it isn't real clear but it is trumpet shaped.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Campsis radican 'Flava' is the most widely available yellow flowered sort. Mention of the trumpet vine, or trumpet creeper usually brings a storm of comment, because it is so vigorous and invasive. I had a 'Madame Galen' on the chimney before we put an addition just there and had to cut the vine down. Its seedlings are on the property and so deeply rooted that I will always have them. 'Jersey Peach' grows on the pool deck fence and I am gathering and destroying every seed pod before they open. The sort you have is growing very slowly in considerable shade on an out-building I built and may, eventually get into more sun on the roof. Then it may finally bloom and make seed pods for me to chase. I ordered another 'M. Galen' for a rather wild spot and a 'Morning Calm, also growing too slowly in a shady place. Beautiful vines that bloom for a long time, are too vigorous and constantly drop spent flowers in a great mess. A great favorite of hummingbirds.

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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

Either or. Same plant. It's actual botanical name is Campis radicans and the common name is Trumpet Creeper. It is a vine and so many refer to it as a trumpet vine. I just planted the yellow variety 'Flava'. I knew they could be invasive before I ever purchased one, but I didn't find out that they can send shoots up quite a distance from the original plant!!! Here's to keeping it under control!!!

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I really really like the look of the trumpet vine. I have a house with a really ugly chainlink fence along the street and i want it hidden with something lush and pretty. Do you know if this will work/ (I have read it elsewhere)

Take a large bucket cut out the bottom, fill with dirt, plant vine, then plant the whole pot about halfway down and it should prevent shooters coming out the sides.

Do we think it will help control? I live in Mass. and i have seen a trumpet "tree" with a really thick woody stem btu it looks like a tree and is growing next to someones house, and ive seen smaller flowering trumpet vines that dont look at all invasive (but i dont live next to the vies so i dont know).

I don't mind the spent flowers on the ground, and I like to garden so if it looks out of control i don't mind going out and taking the time to prune it to make sure it stays on the fence.

Need advice! thanks all!

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

It will sprout from any root that get's within a foot of the surface, any shoots that touch the ground will root, and it may even produce seed.
It is beautiful, but destructive if it gets under your siding.
u2dan, the bucket won't contain it. roots that escaped out the bottom of a pot sprouted when the plant was finally moved and put into its permanent spot. As I've written in earlier posts, please be considerate of your neighbors, this plant will show up 100' from where you plant it.

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That's Campsis flava, and I'd LOVE to get some cuttings from you!!!

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Just came from Lake Street garden here in New England, that plant is a tecoma, not a campsis. It is not hardy in your zone so make sure you overwinter it indoors!

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Gold Star Esperanza , native for texas

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