Growing Sweet Peppers

RustyMarch 20, 2013

(Cross post, I also posted on the vegetable forum)

What is the secret to growing sweet peppers with nice thick
juicy walls? ? ? ?

Mine are always so thin walled,
they are hardly worth the effort.

But today I bought some plants anyhow,
Ready to try again.

Sure would appreciate your thoughts on this.


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May I ask what variety of sweet peppers you're growing?


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I think answering southofsa's question will solve the problem for you.
Make sure you buy the type that says thick walled.
The round cheese/pimento types are thick walled.
Two thick walled ones that I grow and love are Tolli's Italian and Lipstick.

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I'm asking about bell peppers.
Mine always have paper thin walls,
Not thick and juicy like the ones I get in the grocery store.

I get my starter plants at one of the 'big box' stores.
The tags only have basic how to grow instructions,
nothing about variety attributes.

I appreciate the responses.


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There are many, many varieties of sweet bell peppers with a range of wall thickness from very thin to very thick. There's a couple problems you run into when you buy transplants. One is that the varieties sometimes aren't marked. The other is most places, even very good nurseries, may only carry one or two varieties. What they carry probably will do well in your area.

You can call the county extension agency for your area and ask which varieties of thick walled sweet peppers are suggested for growing in your area. Or if you have a good nursery nearby that carries vegetables you can see what they have in stock. Hopefully they'll have what you're looking for. If you want to try growing from seed sometime, you'll have a lot more choices of varieties.

Hope this helps - Lisa

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I save the seed from the peppers I buy that I really like, and have had success with growing similiar peppers. It really isn't too late to try this method as peppers do best when the temps get really hot.

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I have never gotten a thin walled bell pepper. This year I have one plant that survived our winter and is just starting to put on new leaves so I expect to have a fine plant that should produce lots of peppers.

My hot peppers also are starting to bloom but I am at the age that we do not eat hot peppers anymore so I am hoping one of my neighbors will take them off my hands soon.

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