Possible Iron deficiency, now what?

kopetie(z8 VA)June 1, 2007

Some of my plants look exactly like the ones in the pictures for iron deficiency. Here are a few details:

- I have chlorosis (almost white) at the base of the NEW growth with some green veins.

- It is showing up on both seedlings I started and some starts I bought at the local garden center (i.e. not specifically something I've done with my seedlings).

- The plants are in the ground in a new bed I made with existing soil and some manure and garden soil tilled in.

- It is showing in only about 1/4 of my plants which are all planted in the same bed, and not in the plants right beside each other.

- The plants look otherwise very healthy

- I have fertilized them twice with a weak concentration of the blue stuff (too much?)

Two days ago I gave the afflicted plants a dose of Green Light Iron & Soil Acidifier.

They seemed a little better at the end of the day yesterday (the new foliage wasn't as bright white), but this morning they look bright as ever. I'm new at all this. I grew up with tomato plants that my dad stuck in the Georgia red clay and never looked at again until he picked the fruit. Now I'm confused and overwhelmed with all the information and think maybe I'm messing with them too much.

Please HELP!!



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jjirons69(8a SC)

My bet is you're treating them too well ;-)! It looks like you've doesed them pretty well for the time being. Now let nature takes it's course. Only water when dry and see if the problems clear up. The manure (if aged and not fresh) should be plenty as far as nutrients. If the problems persist, maybe a small does of Epson salt. The Mg will green them up.


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