Crossvine vs Trumpetvine

marti8aMarch 5, 2007

Is the crossvine as agressive as trumpetvine? I wish I had never planted trumpetvine though I love it's looks and attraction for hummers. It is planted on one side of our shed & has runners coming up on the other side.

Is crossvine containable?

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I've never had one out of control and I have had them for decades
I love them

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hitexplanter(8 a)

Seen several in landscapes over the years and the only one not contained is the trumpet vine.
Happy Growing David

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I should have said *Crossvine* LOL

My MIL had/has a trumpetvine in her back yard when she moved here from Midland 8 yrs ago and we are still fighting to get that out. It devoured her back fence

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

We have a crossvine which I planted after LOTS of research. We had a trumpet vine at our other house and it was a NIGHTMARE.

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I have a tangerine beauty crossvine in my front garden against the house. It is a prolific grower, after 2 years I had to prune it back, it had filled the 11x12 foot wall and was going around the corner of the house. No suckers, just pure growth. This year (year 4) I painted trim, so it got pulled down, and cut back again - but I just looked and it is full of bloom pods. Cannot say enough in favor of this vine!

terry in Dallas

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I have both. Neither is very aggressive in my yard. The crossvine is attempting to take over the neighbors fence though. It blooms a couple of times a year and is a very heavy bloomer, much better than the trumpet vine.

There was a crossvine in the trailer park where my brother lived, it had completely covered the fence, the orange tree and the trailer where it was planted. However, the people living there never pruned it or made any attempts to control it. I think it was planted over 15 years ago.
Good luck with it!
Tally HO!

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denisew(z8 TX)

We had a 'Madame Galen' trumpetvine at our first house where we lived during the first six years of our marriage. That variety did not sucker at all, but I have heard that the native trumpetvine will sucker all over. We pruned it back to a reasonable shape after it went dormant each winter and it grew back from the same plant each spring. I had done a little reading about the trumpetvine and Neil Sperry said to get the 'Madame Galen' because it was much tamer than the native, so that is what we did and it bloomed all summer and provided nectar for hummingbirds. We had hummingbirds almost every single day visiting the flowers.

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junglejenny(8 TX)

This question is for bigdtc or anyone else who has advice/suggestions: what type of sun does tangerine beauty crossvine require?

I've got a 10 ft. tall/10 ft. wide trellis that I'm dying to cover with something that flowers (even once) is aggressive, but not invasive, and that can take some shade--up towards the top of the fence will get a lot more sun than down at the bottom.

Would this vine work, or does anyone have another suggestion?


PS Passionflower vines are pretty aggressive--even invasive at times: I had a native one that traveled and regrew under a 16 ft. long shed. Hmmm. . . would a passion vine work with these light requirments? (my other vine was in full sun)

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Junglejenny, I think this is the vine for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Sky Vine.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Crossvine seems to like full sun. It handles it very well and blooms heavily in it. I've only seen it sucker from the roots once you have removed the vine by cutting it all the way to the ground. Survival instinct kicks in for the existing roots and it send out suckers several feet from where the base of the vine was. So, it takes a few year to remove completely, IF you ever decide to remove it. Otherwise, it does not sucker. It's a much better plant than trumpet vine, which should be banned. My neighbor planted the supposedly mannerly 'Madame Galen' trumpet vine. Even 'Madame Galen' trumpet vine unleashed a terror on both his yard and his neighbor's yard that took many years to resolve and lots of chemicals/herbicides. A true nightmare plant. You can't compare the much more mannerly crossvine to that. Crossvine gets very, very large in time ... it became much too large for my needs. FYI, my favorite vines by far are Carolina Jessamine & Coral honeysuckle (the native honeysuckle not the invasive Japanese import).


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junglejenny(8 TX)

Thanks, Jim! I've seen that vine around, but hadn't really thought about it, but the blue sky vine sounds perfect. I also like Randy's fave, coral honeysuckle. Two great ideas.


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Yea, the coral honeysuckle is hard to beat. I have it, the Blue Sky vine, and a Tangerine Crossvine, and I like 'em all. But you know, if you have shade at the bottom, and sun near the top, a clematis might make it. They like their roots cool.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I planted the coral honeysuckle in an area that got part shade and it just sat there. After two years of that, we pulled it out and put in the crossvine and I'm very happy with it. It apparently tolerates a bit more shade than the honeysuckle.

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gardener972, You're kidding right??? For years now, I've been planning an arbor outside my bedroom window.. it gets sun until about 1pm... I have the arbor nearly finished and have been investigating vines for it. I want something for hummers and as nearly evergreen as possible. I had settled on coral honeysuckle darn it!

PLEASE tell me you're making that up!!

I hate this part of gardening...choosing plants. No matter what I pick it seems its not the right plant. :( This is the hardest part of gardening.

I've always been told that it was cross vine that was a nightmare and hard to control.
OH gee.... just when I think the thinking part is done, I find out I have to re think everything all over again.

/stop vent and get back to thinking again

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denisew(z8 TX)

I have coral honeysuckle planted against a pergola where the bottom of it receives mostly dappled shade and the top is in full sun - which is considered at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Now, if your location receives sun until 1 pm, I don't think you will have any trouble with coral honeysuckle. It isn't very aggressive either - not like the crossvine, passionvine or trumpetvine.

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Hmm... I guess I never understood the true meaning of the word "Invasive"
I have a vine that might be a trumpet vine. I bought this house which had been abandoned for many years. I had to cut this vine down from where it was invading an Oak; now I am trying to save and transplant the vine since its flowers were so pretty. Am I crazy to do that? How can I tell if I have Trumpet or Crossvine? From what I remember last summer this vine had a few trumpet-shaped orange flowers but not a lot of flowers. The base was about half-dollar size. It had suckers all up the side of the tree. IS there a way to contain this stuff? Should I just throw it in the trash? Thanks for your advice!

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Crossvine is fine. It sends a few shoots up here and there, but nothing you can't manage.

I haven't put in a Trumpet vine, although I like how they look in other people's landscapes. (smile)

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Rumbum, here is a pic of the trumpet vine leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: trumpet vine

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