Ron, My, MG have a disease,help!

dena_eft(7)July 7, 2012

Ron, my MG'leaves have white speckeling, and then dry up and fall off, not all but many. Any ideas? :) Arum

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Hi Arum - Is there anyway you could post a photo or series of photos that show exactly what you are seeing (?)...

Photos showing exactly what you are seeing would greatly assist any of the members here to identify what may be damaging the leaves on your MG's and to suggest any possible accurate remedies.



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Ron, I'm sorry, no, that isn't possible. It looks like a white rash. :)

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I have one that popped up in the greenhouse that developed the same white spots you described. It was infested with some type of spider mite. Check the back of an infected leaf and see if there's any fine webbing. The mites themselves are almost too small to be seen.

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Karyn, that is very helpful. Thanks so much, now to get checking! :) Arum

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If you do have spidermites you will be able to see the webs. My recommendation is to blast the vines thoroughly with a hard enough water stream that will not damage the healthy leaves. Especially the under side of the leaves . . . This is always worth a try before you try any chemicals. + can't hurt a thing.

Also pinch off any leaves with severe damage and put in the trash

Then do the same thing every week for a couple of weeks and let us know how this works for you.

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Emma, thanks for the advice. they seemed to have righted themselves, no blooms yet. Maybe not enough sun. I'm expecting some any day, but it seems they would be full of blooms. Noah blooms profusely dosn't it? :) Arum

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Hi Arum,
You are very welcome.

Sun would be good for MGs, so hopefully you will see your blooms soon.

I too have noticed that I also have a type of spider-mite that I've not seen before. I have not done anything to treat them except for taking off the damaged leaves. Sometimes I see a very tiny worm [really tiny], and sometimes a white spot that may be eggs ???

Also, this particular mite seems to make a different web, but it is there. More like a string type web, so I'm curious if anyone has noticed this type of mite before.

I don't know what these guys are but they make a mess. The good thing, however, is they are not as bad as the usual spider mites I have had in the past.

I just blast the leaves with water when I can.

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Ron, Karyn,and Emmagrace, thank you for your feedback. :) Emma,some of the mg's I have planted don't germinate, like Heavenly Blue. Does anyone want to send me some of these new seeds? I would be willing to send several for this one. My mother grew them, and they remind me of her. She died in 1968. Please let me know. :) Arum

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