Will this produce more blooms on morning glory vine?

janepa(Z5-6 PA)July 17, 2010

I did some research and know the basics of why a morning glory vine will not produce many blooms. I never had this problem until this year. The only fertilizer I have given the young vines was water soluble bloom booster. Could this be the problem? I am getting great vine growth but very few flowers? If I would 'crop' the vines at the new growth end of the vine do you think this might stimulate them to send out blooms in order to produce seeds for their future, or does this not enter in to a morning glory's plant cycle. I have checked some of the vines and I might see buds forming at the V where the leaf is on the vine, or else it is just more leaves forming.

I am really disappointed in not having Heavenly Blue blooms all over our split rail fence. In the past they have been covered, and beautiful.

Thank you. Jane

PS: My previous morning glory vines have produced seeds, but I have never had morning glory vines sprout the next spring. I wish they would. I am in central PA, zone 5/6.

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ipomoea tricolor or Heavenly Blue likes cool weather. Just be patient. You will get a great show of blooms toward fall.


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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Thank you Karen. I sure hope so. We have been having temps in the 90s for weeks, in June and now July, which is unusual. We do get 90s but not for this long of a period, and it has not rained enough, either.


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Many of mine aren't blooming heavily either, especially the Japanese varieties. Our temps have been in the upper 90's + for the past month, maybe longer. I've had to water my container MG's and all the other container plants daily. It's been a PITA!

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