My english ivy does NOT climb!

salutJuly 18, 2010

Help! I'm trying to get my 2- and 3-years old english ivy (containers) to climb up the terrace fence. It just doesn't, and I keep getting conflicting information about its general ability to climb.


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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Try this. In my profession I have had many people say the same thing, but only due to the technique used to get the vines to climb.
If you started with a containerized vine that was a "staked" plant (or not), take it off the stake and: dig a trench at the very base of the wall or around the fence post deep enough to ONLY bury the stem of the plant and allow the leaves to remain above ground. Wrap it around the post or line the base of the wall this way. Cover the stem with a shallow layer of soil leaving the foliage sticking up.
The next time that growth occurs, the shoots will come from the bases (nodes) of the leaves along the stems that you have buried. We may be talking about a season or two here, but it will work.
This applies to English ivy, Virginia creeper, Boston ivy and others. They won't tend to attach (WELL) when left on the stakes. If they are allowed to grow UP by themselves from their nodes they will cover rapidly and climb rampantly.
Just MY experience...

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