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billabercrombieJuly 29, 2009

Hi all, first-time poster here.

I have a crossvine that we planted earlier this year, May 10 to be exact. For the first several weeks it grew like a weed and looked very good. Then, it just stopped growing. The two main runners just quit growing and a third smaller runner did as well. The third runner's leaves at the end are very small and very pale. Some of the older leaves have some reddish splotches on them.

I was watering the vine with about a quart of water every day and haven't fertilized it at all.

Does anyone know why the vine stopped growing? Should I increase or decrease the watering? Add fertilizer? What type? I'm completely new to gardening so any tips would be valuable.

I have some pictures of the vine and will try to post them if this forum allows it.

Thanks for the help,


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Putting on root growth. Unless it's outright dying it sounds like no cause for alarm. If you can post a picture it would help. You can post a picture in any forum on GW. No need to fertilize. Rather than watering every day, deep water with a couple gallons once a week if you're getting no heavy rain.

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