Vine for mesh wire fence?

pylgrymJuly 20, 2008

Hi all, I am looking to put up a vine mainly for privacy, but also ideally that has a nice flower or fruit on a mesh wire fence, about 40 feet long. It looks like Kiwi requires a male and female, and 2 years to flower if I could keep it alive so I think that is out.

What would you suggest for Seattle climate that would grow thick enough to create privacy year round, and ideally has something else to offer? I'm open to anything. Thank you!

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I don't know how heavy the wire might be. Some large vines could pull it down unless it's substantial. If you are looking for coverage only in summer, you could plant annual vines. Is it a sunny location?

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "mesh" wire fence.

Clematis won't give year round interest, but you'd get decent coverage during the growing season, takes a couple years to establish.

Climbing Hydrangea would probably be too heavy, and takes years to establish.

What about Boston Ivy - vigorous grower.

Grape vine would work too, but there is a particular way you'd want to prune it to get it to produce fruit (4-5 years later), so I'm not sure if this would give you the coverage you are looking for unless you want to sacrifice the fruit - then you just let it grow on its own.

None of these will give year round interest, but my choice would be the clematis. Type 3 Viticella clematis are wilt resistant, and you can prune them down by half after the inital bloom to get a second bloom in the fall. Polish Spirit variety gets really large. If interested, check out "clematis on the web" (it's a UK site) for more info on clems.

Good luck.

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