Starting With Only Adult Worms

crazyforwormsAugust 31, 2013

Hello everyone. I have been following these very informative forums for a couple of months with great pleasure.

August 1st I bought a couple of lbs of euros from a local supplier. I was disappointed to see no babies or worm sacs in the bunch, but the supplier had brought them from another location, so I didn't attempt to bargain with him for a mix. I am raising the worms in a dark plastic worm bin using cardboard and newspaper for bedding. I prepared the bedding as many suggest and I have been careful in my feeding. I use the freeze-and-thaw method for my scraps and mix the veggies with oats. I have used ground eggshells for grit in small quantities. I wait for the food to more or less disappear before feeding again and there is neither bad odor nor overabundance of any type critter other than worms in the bin. Mites congregate when I put in watermelon but I do that sparingly. The worms seem happy to stay where they are.

However, I have yet to see a baby or an egg sac. I wonder how difficult it will be to populate the bin given that all starting worms were adults. I'm not savy enough to tell whether the worms were at a good breeding age or past it. Is one month too soon to expect to see proof of breeding?

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There is no vermi menopause. Starting with only worms of breeding age will do nothing to slow down the growth of your herd. I don't know why you think having lots of worms too young to breed would cause them to breed faster. Give your worms time. 30 days is too soon to see baby worms. You may very well have cocoons that you have not seen. They are small, and can be anywhere in the bedding. From your description, you are doing fine. you should start seeing young worms soon.

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Thanks for the reply. I got the impression that age made a difference from something I read on the net but I can't find the article again. In any event, your answer makes me feel better. I will curb my tendency to rush things. :)

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When the time comes, the opportunity and the environment is right you'll pop the lid and it'll be obvious. You'll feel ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic. They will scream at you, Can't you knock?

It's the cucurbits. Does it every time.

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