Air Potato Vine

DebbieS406July 2, 2011

Does anyone have any air potatos I might buy from you?

I know they are invasive but in Texas its hard to get them to live thru the winters and hot hot summers. Thanks

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srewolf(9 East Central Florida)

ya I got plenty
but I would rather trade for them what ya got?
How many pounds do you need...LOL

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I have small 4 to 6 inch Tamarind tree or Chinese Parasol Tree that I would trade for some Air Potatoes.

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I, too, would love to have an air potato. I cannot find one around my area. I would be happy to pay for it, pay for postage. The only thing I have to give away is some Hyacinth Bean Vine "beans". It makes an awesome vine, too, but the air potatoes remind me of my mom! Please advise if anyone would be willing to share one with me. Thanks!

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I have lots of air potatoes. Would love to give away or trade.

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Please remember - once you have this plant, you will ALWAYS have it! It grows very fast and massive - will cover everything in its path, so be forewarned!

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I brought a bunch home from FL because I know a few people that wanted some. It is a pretty vine but I don't know if I would send any to people that live in an area where they aren't killed over the winter. They are that invasive. Even if container grown, if one little "potato" drops on the ground and takes root it can so easily grow out of control.

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I would not plant this -- we moved into a new house in Nashville and there's an area in the backyard that has been completely overtaken by these vines. I wasn't sure what it was until it was identified here thru these forums. Anyways, I've spent weekends digging them up and trying to get rid of them. Gorgeous (yes) but really a pain !

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I think you should do a search on Google before you use this plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Potato

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Looking for anyone with an extra air potato for sase, postage or trade. They are annuals in my area. Thanks!

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Please do not help spread this Notorious Noxious plant. Florida spends millions of dollars each year fighting these things. They take over everything. Just because something is pretty does not mean you need one. A coral snake is pretty too, would you want one as a pet? Get my point.

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air totato is edible. The rood goes deep inside soil and if you dig in winter potatoes taste very good.

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Been trying to eradicate it through 20 years and 2 moves (it moved with the plants I moved)! Beware!

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