Morning glories

kbard(6b PA)July 27, 2012

Clearly I planted too many MGs here, I had no idea how it was going to turn out because I never planted them before. A few weeks ago they were flowering maybe 4 flowers per day, but lately I have not been seeing much at all. They are in full sun in 6b. I have read about them on this forum and some people say they barely need water, but these just look like they are dying to me And I'm not sure what to do. The tops are really ok. Thanks!

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Water those plants (!) and deeply at night so that the water will be around the roots for a longer period of time and allow the plant to soak up more water...water those plants frequently and post the photos of the results...

There are some plants which have developed enough biomass that there is a sufficient reservoir of water stored in the stems to allow a plant to survive but these plants more often than not will not look their best or produce as many flowers as plants which get frequent good care.

Plants cannot grow new tissue without water , nor can the flowers expand without water...even desert species produce more flowers and higher quality seeds when provided with more water...

Take whatever advice you get with a grain of salt but consider the range of experience of your sources.

The asagao show quality plants in Japan are provided with high grade nutrients and watered frequently.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

They often loose lower leaves. Use a bloom-booster type plant food (a good one) once a week. Very few annuals want to go dry as their life is too short to suffer.

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Yes , plants may loose the lower leaves when they are moving nutrients and water (!) to the areas of most active growth / fruit production , but if they are in full sun and getting enough nutrients and water they more often than not will NOT loose their lower leaves (barring herbivores or disease)...water stressed plants are more prone to disease due to tissue damage and lowered immune response.

Think of a dog or cat that should have all of it's coat and part of the coat has mange or there are bald spots...not show quality...So, I will again mention that the show quality Japanese asagao always have a full set of healthy looking leaves or they would never be in a showcase situation...

Bloom booster (phosphorus based) is good if not overdone although it will not take the place of FACT the more macro nutrients that you apply , the more water the plants need in order to metabolize them...otherwise it essentially poisons the plants...

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Seems to me those strings are choking them. They seem to to tight around the stems. :)

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well thanks Ron for your reply but its only this past few days i have cut back on the water when previous reading on here not to tend to them to much and to cut back on water and miracle grow Also my concern really was the holes in the leaves like they are being eaten also all the ants that are on the earth and vines i wondered if they are the menace to the vines I am not a gardener I do not have green fingers so know nothing i only decided to start gardening to build a memorial for my Dad who loved gardeningand just passed :(

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Lola50 - You will get different 'answers' from different people based on their type of experience...
So, You'll have to use your 'psychic abilities' to determine what course to follow , but for the record ,...

I rarely if ever recommend 'cutting back on watering MG's...they need the water to grow and be healthy...

Plants which are water deprived are more susceptible to many forms of disease as the immune system does not work well in partially dehydrated tissue....

Plants that are deprived of water > may stress / force them into flowering but will tend to induce water deprived tissue damage , blooms that will not last as long for the day and seeds of smaller and lower quality...

There are different species and each responds somewhat differently to water stress depending on the exact strain , age and size of the plant in combination with general environmental factors...

There is no one that I know of that is seriously into Morning Glories that intentionally deprives them of water...although many people who are really not very interested to provide optimal care for MG's will often tout the neglect philosophy...consider your informational sources...

Hope you enjoy your gardening experiences whatever they may produce...

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Well thanks Ron i have decided to use my psychic abilities and no longer withhold water from my MG of course all plants are living things just like us it would not be good to be deprived of water so its in my tarot cards to do my own thing i really think it may have been the A.N.T thats was bothering them
Thank You

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