Help training/pruning Honeysuckle

docgecko(5)July 17, 2008

I am totally new to gardening and wonder just how to train a honeysuckle. I have it in a large pot on our deck with a 7' fan trellis against a wall of our house. I think my main question is, can I just cut vines at random until I have only the ones I wish to climb the trellis left? Also, once it reaches the height and shape I want which shouldn't take very long the way it is growing...can I just keep topping it off? Also, can the same be done with Clematis?

Thanks much for your input.

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The answer to all of your questions is yes.
Just remember, vines grow toward the sun.
So, stand on your deck and see where the sun comes up and sets where you have it placed.
You will be doing alot of pruning on the honeysuckle!
GOod Luck!

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