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MidnightBirdGirl(Zone 7)March 20, 2013

Here a few things that popped up in my garden. Can anyone ID them?

This one does not have thorns:

This one has thorns:

Thank you,
Carrie Too!

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PKponder TX(7b)

The second pic looks like nandina and the last two are roses. The first one might be an althea, really can't tell.

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MidnightBirdGirl(Zone 7)

Thank you!!
I was thinking those were roses---but I was a bit baffled by the one with no thorns. It will be interesting to see what they turn out to be since most are grafted. Is it likely, they will be from the original stock plant or the graft?
When do you think would be safe to transplant them without killing them?
And how about the others when do you think might be a good time to move them?
Thank you,
Carrie Too!

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PKponder TX(7b)

I know what you can move the nandina anytime but we need to have someone more experienced with roses weight in on those. I tried moving two little volunteers from clippings last spring and lost both. I have only 1 rose bush :-)

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PKponder TX(7b)

Can someone weigh in on Carrie Too's rose transplant question please :-)

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Depends on whether or not they're grafted. If so then the shoots are from the understock and will be different then the top of the rose bush.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Pam, since I have never had a rose "reseed" before, it is difficult for me to answer about transplanting. I would give them more time to mature if I could, but if I really wanted the space they are in, I would move them now by getting a large root ball and placing it in a well prepared hole, keep it watered and wait for results.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

What Carrie said. They don't seem to be doing all that well where they are so I'd go ahead and move them to a full sun spot..

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you move (transplant) roses in mid febuary while they are dormant. look in some of the rose forums for facts & instructions.

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We moved a mutibilis rose which was four feet tall at the time in mid July in dfw area. We cut it back, and watered faithfully. You can move a rose anytime, it doesn't mean you should. If your not vigilant in post-moving care I wouldn't attempt it in any other month but February.

Have a great day and good luck!!!
-With Countless roses in my garden and over 20 years experience

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I'm guessing if that is a grafted rose it's probably Dr Huey rootstock, which is used for grafting in our area. The roses are red, even though your host rose could be any other color. Some people choose to keep them, others get them out of there. I have two in my yard I've tried to get rid of with no luck, so now just treat them like my other roses. I think they have a pretty color, so really don't mind having them. You can read about them over on the rose forum or just google Dr. Huey rose.

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MidnightBirdGirl(Zone 7)

It feels like February, does that count ;-)
I think I will leave one and move two.
That way at least one survives.

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If the 2nd one is not nandina, it could be a trumpet vine - if it continues to grow long and floppy (non-clinging vine-like), and the new leaves grow out bright green, I'd bet that's it (the reddish leaves would just be frost-burn). My trumpet vine roots where it touches the ground, and the stems snap off easily. Mine usually freezes to the ground in winter, but it didn't get cold enough this year, so it has reddish frost-burnt leaves like that.

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Nandina and rose, what it looks like, nandina doesn't take kindly to too muchroot pruning, so it isn't as hardy as it looks. Blood meal in excess or cow dung in excess will rid you of it if you do not want it.

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Too much cow manure will leave a trumpet vine stunted, those things will perish on high nitrogen soil, eventually, but eventually, like anything else composted store bought cow dung and blood meal will rid one of a trumpet vine as well. They do take to root pruning and even bonsai, real hardy. But no, that is nandina, if you try to move it, be prepared for it and the roses to die if your not familiar with root prop. Btw.

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nandina is offically classified as a noxious weed in Texas and that stupid orange trumpet vine should be if it isn't already it's invasive and causes a tremendous amount of property damage every year, it pulled the siding off the house next door and pulled down the power lines to the building across the alley from me!

Tally HO!

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