flannaAugust 10, 2008

Does anyone know about a product called raybon. The people I am getting horse manure use a salt lick that contains raybon to controll flies.

Is this deadly for my worms?

How long untill it breaks down?

Thnaks for any help.


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squeeze(z8 BC)

never heard of it, and apparently google hasn't either  :)

I doubt a fly repellent would have much effect on earthworms, or that there'd be much of it in the manure or urine .... what may be a concern would be the worm meds frequently fed to horses, although I haven't seen any problems with it myself


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Thanks Bill

I am very careful to make sure all manure is seperated from the horses for a "minimum" of a month before the worms get it.


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squeeze(z8 BC)

a real good policy is to run thru along with the stable bedding [straw or wood chips] and - will take care of any possible problems with horse meds, but more important, insure there's not an excess of nitrogen that may cause heating in the worm bin


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