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nightcrawler46August 30, 2012

After stalking this website for a few years I feel I can no longer be silent. As a professional worm farmer in SW Colorado I have learned much in the relationship between worms and plants. We sell different types of worm castings, one mix actually comes with Fetida eggs and babies. People constantly ask us if the worms will hurt the plants, we say no. We have set up a display greenhouse to prove our advice. Too many potted vegetables to mention here as well as hundreds of houseplants consisting of anything that will grow in our harsh climate. We always have two of each, one with worms and one without. The plants with worms are just as happy and healthy as those without. I am not a scientist, but a farmer with the best produce in the area, because of heavy worm activity. We have not had one single problem with any of our greenery since adding worms to our pots 5 years ago. None of our customers have ever come back to complain or ever mentioned any sort of problem. I have found people who talk smack about earthworms usually have no evidence to back it up, or they say some ridiculous thing like "the worms ate my roots". Almost always they just suck at gardening and need somebody to blame. I have thousands of pounds of worms working for me and not a single sick plant. Our local Bio students come out all the time to study and gather information, most of them telling me their instructors constantly dismiss any positive effects of worms in pots. I don't have scientific data to show, but I have living proof that potted plants love worms, even the big European Nightcrawlers, and those who disagree never seem to have the guts to come see our proof.

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Thanks for coming out and sharing. Do you feed the worms in the plants, or just let them be? How many worms do you put into what sixed container?? I never considered adding composting worms to potted plants :) Another use for my squirm!


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Most of my veg garden is in containers. All of the containers are open at the bottom and I have found worms "naturally" in each container when working with them. My containers are 10 to 15 gallons for the most part - none smaller than 10.

With your system how often do you mix in new organic material and how do you add it.

Thus far I have been adding partial composted material each spring when planting the containers. This tends to be a labor intensive endeavor as I remove most of the soil and mix it outside the container. By mid to late season it always seems my containers need a little more to keep going.

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Thanks for sharing @nightcrawler46! I have found earthworms in one of my containers not too long ago and my garden is on a balcony 8 floors up! I don't know how it got to my container but i left it in there. I don't know if it's still in the container since i found it but i have recently mixed in some organic matter and hope that the worm will make castings within the soil.

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i found a bunch of regular earth worms in my garden by my plants near the surface they are burrow worms i believe but they NEVER harmed my plants. only thing i found to actually harm my plants that are worm like are grubs. those bastards eat my plants ):

so yes i don't believe regular worms like red worms will harm your plants like some people say. maybe other species will but im no worm expert.

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>>I have found people who talk smack about earthworms usually have no evidence to back it up, or they say some ridiculous thing like "the worms ate my roots".>>

These people may be confusing insect larvae with earthworms. Some insects in larvae form are commonly called 'worms'. Army worms for example. Or they may be thinking of certain grubs that actually DO eat plant roots.

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