Afghan Worms?

susanfromhawaiiAugust 4, 2009

There's a fellow on who is deploying to Afghanistan and wants to vermicompost garbage from the base. If anyone knows what kind of worms they have in that region, how to get composting worms locally, or any rules on importation, please hop over there and let him know. Our only help has been 'check import rules' and 'if you take anything, take cocoons.'

If you have info, but don't want to join that site, post it here and I'll move it over to vermicomposters.

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leearnold(z5 In.)

I would think that it would be easiest to take some vermicompost that has eggs in it rather than actual worms. Might be less aversion to it. Then, as the eggs hatch, start a bin there.

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Someone recommended that. If he's going to take worms, that's certainly the best way to do it. Others were worried about taking an invasive species in to a location that may not have that type of worm. So far he's gotten lots of good advice, but no one knows anything specific about Afghanistan. I doubt he'll find anyone, but I thought I'd cast the net wider for him.

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why bother with worms? he should just make a hot compost pile - esp presuming there will be a large volume of waste.

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