Another MG to ID

suseart(9a)July 3, 2009

I asked another person I met on this forum, Susan T. to help me ID this one as it came from a mixed bunch of seeds she sent me last summer. It is on a few of the vines I got from that bunch of seeds. It has the interesting non-heart shaped leaves that other of my MGs have. Ideas on this one? We're stumped!

Here is a link that might be useful: Skyblue MG

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can you post a pic of the leaves or describe what they look like.
How big is the flower?

does it look anything like this with a flower about 1 1/2 inch?


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Fran, the leaves look like ivy, and yes, it's a smaller than normal bloom. I will measure the next one in the morning, but that sounds right.


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It does look like the picture you posted.


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is either
Ipomoea hederacea

or possibly a relatively rare strain of
Ipomoea nil

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interested eyes ID it before I could post. Ipomoea hederacea/ivy leaf morning glory.

very small flowers, another one I don't like. I grew it last year for the first time and collected seeds for trade but will not grow it again.

Flowers far to small and just sort of sit there. Says nothing to me when there are so many beautiful other, larger blooming MG to grow.


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Yes, I believe both of you nailed its ID. I agree that although the color is lovely, it's too small and unremarkable otherwise. Unfortunately, I ended up with four or possibly more ( some haven't bloomed yet but have that ivy leaf) this year. Here in San Diego we grow them as perennials, because weather does not deter them much. They bloom year round and take over entire gardens if left to their own devices, so I am keeping them in pots. So I try to grow what I really want to keep, and this one I will keep for the lovely color, give the rest away. Thanks for the ID, both of you!


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Hi suseart,

Ipomoea hederacea and Ipomoea nil are 'annuals' PERIOD!
These two Morning Glories will grow as an annual no matter where you are on this planet.

The description of what you are talking about that is a perennial could be Ipomoea indica, which I do grow. Also, is there a possibility that you may have more than one very closely related Morning Glory species growing in the exact same area as the photo you posted?

This is a very small world!
Would you believe that I just wrote your friend Susan IN CANADA this afternoon with an ID that your plant is I. hederacea.

This can get very deep with an explanation, so I would like to re-analize what you have. If you are a member of Daves you can read this entire thread that will explain some of what needs to be taken into consideration.

will you please get my email from Susan and email me and I will help you get this properly Id'd.



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Emma, YES, Ron confirmed last year that I was growing Ipomoea indica, which took over my entire back fence and choked out many other bushes and trees, and my husband and I spent countless hours cutting back trying to save others from being destroyed. Since I have only grown that one type in the ground, and all other MGs in pots and YES, you're right, so far the others don't seem to survive past the season. As a novice grower of MGs, I didn't realize they didn't all do the same thing, so (whew!) am glad to hear that. My husband, seeing all the pots lined up against the side of our house, vines winding around the fence posts, sort of panicked and suggested he would be out every weekend with his tools cutting back the runners, as he had with the Ipomoea indica. He will be relieved to hear they are not all perennials.

I knew you and Susan wrote about my I. hederacea today, and I really appreciate your help here. I am a novice MG grower, but love them so much, and so appreciate all the help! I will post pictures as the next "Split Personality" blooms to confirm whether or not it is really a Crimson Rambler.


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