Over thinking the egg carton

merrygardener(z8olywa)August 3, 2014

I have sourced a huge stack of egg cartons, my preferred bedding and usually the answer to anything that might be might be wrong in the bin. Yeah!! However, the cardboard has a bit more of a "celulouse" texture to them.... as if they are part plastic. They don't have any of the usual dust when torn. Has anyone noticed such slight changes in their cardboard cartons? Do they function as well as the conventional cartons? Are you using or avoiding them?

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This is just my opinion how things worked for me. I have tried a lot of different mixes in the bed . I will say cardboard egg cartons tend to wad up and not get used like shredded newsprint.. Also I find Im not happy with coco coir as some of the coir hairs would be left and maybe thats just a bad batch of it but I switched back to using peat, compost , and coffee grounds leaving the former two out . Thats just how it worked for me , for others it may be ok.

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Thanks for your viewpoint, Steve. I was really thinking Equinox would chime in first!

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Almost all paper products, IMHO, are better than egg cartons. Cardboard, newspaper, paper towel & TP rollers.

Corregated (sp?) cardboard glue is, I believe, both an addictive drug and an aphrodesiac (sp?) for the herd.

Sory fo thu speling erers.


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Duplicate post......sorry

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My herd is so productive that they have no need for aphrodisiacs! I have never like the result of paper in the bins (is it just me?), preferring egg cartons, toilet paper tubes and some occasional corrugated cardboard.

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merrygardener, I inspected all egg cartons I have and in several grocery stores and have not noticed a difference. It is possible an egg carton experiment is under way in your area. A Google search did not have information on this.

But you clearly observed something so we should keep an eye on this topic. Especially if we do not want plastic in our bins.

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Yep, same here. Didn't notice any plastic in the paper pulp egg cartons. Thank for the warning.

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