New FT and divided worm inn

mr_yanAugust 5, 2012

I just divided my worm inn and placed half into a new FT bin.

The new FT bin has a nominal cross section of 12" x 24" and is about 24" deep. I built it of scrap tung and grove 1x6 pine paneling on 2x2 legs with some white-coated wire shelving (closet-made type) as the bottom rack. At this point the flow thru is filled about 7 inches deep.

Sure the pine will rot and fail but I am sure I have at least three years of heavy use. I guess when/if it comes to it I can just screw some new ply over the old T&G walls.

I then added a heavy feeding to both bins with liberal addition of new bedding. Across both bins I added a 3 gallon bucket of freeze-thaw kitchen scraps - the bucket was almost evenly split between them.

I hope both bins recover and start to process food fast. I had to expand from just one worm inn as we were producing (what I thought was) too much kitchen scraps for just the one bin.

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I am surprised you did not just purchase a second worm inn. Maybe the cost was a factor. It is for me. I would not expect to see as quick or evenness of particle size vermicomposting in your nice new bin as in the worm inn. I am wondering if the vermicompost will flow out the bottom as designed to do. With the good air supply both at the top and the bottom, build up of any gasses will not be a problem. This is a huge advantage. At the worst the new bin can pre-process the extra volume for starting the food waste converstion and the worm inn can be used to finish the vermicomposting and provide even finer material than it may now.

Both systems sound great. It should be fun comparing the vermicomposting process in both systems. My guess is you will eventually like different things about both systems. Looking forward to hearing what is happening in both bins in a few weeks.

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Thanks equinox^2

I was a cost and time factor of a new worm inn over a wooden FT system.

You're assuming I purchased the worm inn then. Actually I looked at photos of the real worm inns and made my own. It would have taken me about 2 hours and $10 to make a new worm inn but it took an hour and scraps I had on hand to make the new rigid FT.

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Great job mr van. You will be splitting them again before you know it! I especially like the fact that you made your own systems for minimal or no cost. To me, wormin' is all about reusing things, which should not cost money. Many items make great worm bins with a little creativity. Kudos

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Thanks mendopete. I do as much as I can with minimal to no cost as a budget - like my veg garden and landscaping. But I did have to laugh as I started to tally the tools I used to make the two different bins.

Sewing machine
Nail gun and compressor
table saw
14" compound cutoff saw
18 V cordless screwgun
dremal roto-tool

I get about $2000 in that list but hey gotta have toys - that and I used them to rehab a house.

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