ID needed for this morning glory vine

littleonefbJuly 1, 2007

This is supposed to be a morning glory vine with "huge lavender/violet flowers with a white edge. I got the seeds from a trade.

I've never seen a MG vine with what appears to be "thorns" coming out of the stems. They are firm, somewhat hard, but not sharp.

I don't want to plant the vine if it is an invasive type of MG.

Thanks for any help

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Hi, I am surprised that you have not had responses on this. There are several MGs that have those psuedo-thorns. I am growing the lavendar colored moonvine this year and it has many thorns as does the Brazilian MG and some others have funny vines. I doubt that any of them are going to even reseed in your zone 5 garden! I have lots of trouble with things like Grandpa Ott's reseeding everywhere but the more exotic and tropical vines seldom do in more northern gardens. Let it bloom and see what you have. If you decide you don't want to have it in your garden, you can pull it out before it sets seed.

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I have this morning glory growing up a pole trellis in my garden. It also has soft 'thorn shaped' growths on it, which I believe help it attatch or climb, and it has the most beautiful blue flowers with a white edge!
Leave it!

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Tweedbunny, sounds beautiful. I'm going to plant this one in a pot and see what it is. Can keep better control of it if it turns out to be something I don't want and if it is a keeper, will have easier acess to seeds.

Thanks for the info

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You have Ipomoea turbinata...and if you want seeds you'd better collect them before it freezes...



Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea turbinata in the PlantFiles

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Thanks Ron, Well I'll be a who knowns what. I've been trying to germinate lavender moonvine seeds 3 years in a row and finally gave up. These seeds where from a trade and the trader says they where blooming all day and at night. They where lavender/violet with white edges.

I'll take lavender moonvine instead of morning glory for this seedling.

Ron, will it grow well in a pot and does it need fertilizer?

Will miracle grow soil be OK for soil? It germinated in a container with miracle grow potting mix.


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Fran - I've found that the moonvines do well in 1-2 gallon containers...alittle phosphorus/bloom booster won't hurt...



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We recently planted seeds that we think are morning glory. They have heart shaped leaves and what look like thorns.Does anyone know what type of morning glory they might be? We have also noticed that something is making holes in the leaves and have no idea what this could be or what to do. They are growing like crazy and seem to be really hearty otherwise. Thanks for any help!

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