Removing ivy from brick wall

bibbus(7b)July 5, 2008

Is it easier to remove ivy growing up a brick wall after its dead or while its still living? I was trying to remove it while its still green but someone said if I just cut it, after the ivy dies, it will be easier to pull off the brick. There is a lot of it.

Also, I am looking for a plant to camouflage a chain link fence. There is a vine (I don't know what it is) that was fairly slow growing at the beginning but now that it has grown to the top of the fence, it requires frequent pruning sending out long thick shoots high above the fence. I found some Carolina jasmine plants for $1 on sale. Would those be good to use or would they also become very time intensive to keep in check? Would the Carolina Jasmine be invasive (like wisteria) and send out tendrils entwining int other plants growing in front of the fence?

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According to Southern Living, you should cut the ivy away from the walls leaving the rootlets. Wait for the rootlets to turn brown and then remove them. Do not wait too long, however, or the rootlets will become hard and immovable. Finally, clean the surface with a wire brush. I haven't tried this. Don't know if it works, Never saw these instructions published elsewhere. Good luck.

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