Quail Coop, Poop, and Worms

Elbourne(8b)August 24, 2013

I am considering raising quail. As I design the coop, I have an idea I'd like to pass by thevermiculture experts. I would like to build the coop with a mesh bottom as recommended by experienced quail farmers, but then build it over a worm bin. Do you think that would work?

Would I need to add a continuous supply of bedding, or would the worms be happy just in the droppings? Whenever I add bedding, (I use shredded office paper for my worms now) the Quail droppings would continually be on top, instead of under neath the bedding. So, I'm wondering if I could just forgo the bedding.

Any experience would be helpful. I am trying to design a low maintenance system.

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Any fowl poop will be very high in nitrogen. You will need a constant bedding supply. Perhaps the quail poop will be on top of this layer of bedding, but it will be below the next layer.

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Yup,the poop will burn the worms up. I say stay with your present VC plan and start composting under the coop. You should get very high quility compost by layering browns with the poop and water when nessary. Only problem might be odor unless you turn and airate.

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OK Great. That is very helpful information. I'll scrap the idea of worms under the coop.

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Scrap the idea?

I would like to think this idea can work.

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featherhoof(zone 9)

I raise quail. There is no way I would put quail poo in with the worms. It breaks down super hot. I used to mix the poo in a plastic bin with peat moss, hay, and rabbit poo and the stuff steams in 82 degree weather and stinks awful when it's that hot. Because of this, I have had to make sure that I mix the poo and peat with brown leaves and add to the compost pile (no worms in there). The only manure I add to the worms is rabbit berries.

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