Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow

daisy_lee(5)July 22, 2005

My morning glories were doing great and now a lot of the leaves are turning yellow. I have only a few flowers in bloom and I am wondering what is going on.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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hi daisy, there was a lot of talk about this a while back- everyone seems to have same prob to dif degrees. best advice seems to be a bit less water - esp on foliage. don't worry about it too much, tho it could also be a dif problem.
mine have covered a wall and still climbing (3 meters!) and i too have the yellow leave syndrome tho at the top the foliage (new) is quite healthy green looking. someone here on GW said it can take 120 days to bloom so am counting and hoping!good luck!
here is a link which might be useful.

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