transplant honeysuckle

jane99(5)July 31, 2005

Old fashioned honeysuckle.....the kind that actually smells good. I would like to clear out a bunch of it and transplant to other areas this fall. What's the chance of getting blooms from what i transplant? I ask because i have planted "new" honeysuckle in the past and it wouldn't bloom....... thanks - peace & love,,,,,,,

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jane, i have never transplanted it but would REALLY love to! my neighbour has a bunch of it which i'm sure he wouldn't mind 'donating' to me... so i hope somebody gives us both a reply soon!
the scent of it is intoxicating and i'd love to plant some in my garden.
P & L to you too!!!!!
(that took me back to another life!... though still relevant- with one son in the military and another going in in 2 months, i sure do wish it would happen!

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jane, this sounds helpful... plus i googled honeysuckle and easily found ideas/instructions. i hope this time it works and blooms!
good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: transplanting honeysuckle

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