Moving a white potato vine

leahanicoleJuly 15, 2010

I have 2 very large white potato vines that are a little over 3 years old now. They have taken off and are growing over this trellis I built. Welllll... we're adding on to the house and I need to move them (or get rid of them). Ideally, I'd love to move them about 30 feet to a fence near our pond where they'll get the same amount of light and there's room to grow. I've never done anything to them, just let 'em grow like crazy. I'm afraid moving them will just kill them... :(

ANY suggestions?! It's too hot to do it now, I think, but maybe in a few months? We just need them gone by the end of the year.

Thank you!

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Are you referring to Ipomoea pandurata ?

You can transplant them if you can dig out most of the main tuber...try to be as careful as you can not to gouge the main root , although the root on a 3 year old plant may go 2 feet deep but should be easy enough to transplant...keep the plants well watered before, during and after transplanting...

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