Worm Factory 360 no leachate in the bin?

Bama_JoeAugust 21, 2014

Hi folks,

I have two WF 360's and have yet to have any leachate to drain from the spigot. Is this good, bad, normal or indifferent? I'm always afraid of making the bin too wet, so not sure if I'm being too cautious or what. I started a few months ago and am still in the learning phase. Any tips would be welcomed, thanks!


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Whoops...missed the thread below mine, same subject.

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Unfortunately this post with the specific title isn't getting the feedback that the earlier same question got. SO: I'm posting this to send readers to the "should I be getting any" thread.

; ) !

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"Should I be getting any?"

Now THAT's an interesting question on a vermi site!

Paul :)

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Some good reading regarding the topic. Looks like leachate is formed when moisture is in a great enough amount, that the bedding is unable to absorb it in time. Guess there is not "should" or "shouldn't" be getting. Maybe after the bin is well established, depending on what you're feeding, you may or may not have it. I'm still learning myself and appreciate the reply Barbara. :)

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