Climber suggestions please

emily_phuket(Thailand)August 15, 2007

I have a very big, very ugly boundary wall to cover. I can only plant something to grow from the ground up. it needs to grip to the wall by it's self - no wire or trellis.

The house is in Thailand, by the sea so it's hot and the wall gets plenty of sun, and salty coastal winds twice a year.

I plan to plant ficus pumila but as it's growth rate is slow (35-40cm a year?) I was wondering if anyone knew of a faster growing option that will give good wall cover?

Many thanks


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I suggest you to grow a Cobaea scandens, it grows very fast, it's very beautiful (even the foliage), flowers are very big and beautiful, it doesn't need anything to grow on , an rough wall is enough.

I had mine in june it was 30 cm (1 ft) tall, and now 2 months later it's over 2 meters (6ft 4 in)!!

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