Cobaea scancens (Cup'n saucer Vine)

yeyetteAugust 16, 2007


I'm growing a Cobaea scandens on my balcony. It's 2 meters high, climbing a wall and blooming now.

My wish is to keep it during the winter. My parents have a non heated green house where it could be stored.

Do I have to cut it in november ? if so, how much??

if not, do you think it's ok to take it off the wall and just put it in the green house??

do you think I can keep it on the balcony all winter long. How ? wich protection should I buy??

I am a newbie in gardening, I hope you can help!



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Cup and Saucers are classified as annuals here for the most part. That's not to say you can't bring it back....I've done that quite a bit with so called annuals. Your best bet however, is to save the seeds, so you can enjoy it again next year. Try sheltering it, save the seeds, and good luck!

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