Can Asparagus be grown in Austin?

lnewportApril 11, 2010

I bought some two year old Asparagus roots from Wal-mart tonight and thought I would try to grow some but reading up on Asparagus I'm reading that they may not be suited for Austin's climate. Does anyone here know if Asparagus can be grown here successfully?

The problem I read is that the shoots will get smaller and smaller each year. Information found here:

Thanks for any help and tips!

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I can only tell you my great uncle grew them in that area and if his were "smaller" I would hate to see larger. On the other hand, he was one of those people that could grow anything anywhere so perhaps on average that's true. What I can tell you, he started his asparagus from scratch, he planted them in a place shaded by a tree during the middle of the day, and he kept them fairly well watered.

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Interesting. So maybe if I can provide them some shade in the middle of the day I could attempt these. The brand I got from Walmart is called New Jersey something. I think I'm going to take them back for a brand I saw that maybe better here and give them a try.

Thank You.

Anyone else have some tips or experience I would still love to hear.

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Jersey Giant can be grown here, but I think Martha Washington or Mary Washington might do better. We are in Central Texas, mid-way between Waco and Austin, and have successfully grown asparagus for 13 years.
My advice is:
1) get your money back from Wal-Mart. Asparagus is best planted in February here.
2) Prepare a bed now--deep tilling, removing weeds, adding compost and rotted manure. Work the bed over the summer and pay special attention to removing weeds and grass. Asparagus beds are notoriously hard to keep weed-free!
3)In December order asparagus crowns from a reputable nursery here in Texas.
4)When you get your crowns, plant them in a 6" deep trench, and as the green emerges, fill in the trench until it reaches soil level.
And of course, harvest sparingly the second year, and the third year, have yourself a feast! Home grown asparagus is one of gardening's great delights!

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marlingardener knows of which he speaks, I clearly recall Uncle Bass saying he had prepared the bed for a year, starting when he was offered all the partially rotted manure he could shovel and cart off from a local horse farm. I remember he said he dug down two shovels deep, buried the manure, and then in summer work the soil down that deep again. I don't recall weeds being a big issue, he had some sort of fine grass grass that liked under that tree and he just let it grow up around the asparagus as I recall. Whatever it was, I think it must have naturally stayed short and somewhat thin, perhaps due to so much shade.

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greenleaf_organic(8, TX)

I have a some 3 year old UC 157 variety down the road here in San Antonio which I actually bought as little plants instead of crowns. In spite of the dog trampling them the first year or so they are doing great. (I now protect them with tomato cages). Soon I will probably have to fence them off because I think they are starting to outgrow the cages! By the way, one more thing to consider is to make sure they have good drainage. Oh yes, and they are delicious. :)

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I live in Austin and on a trip to The Natural Gardner noticed they had Asparagus growing in their gardens. This was in early March and the shoots were several inches high that day.

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