tomato plant waste question and rambling discourse

gmw1August 16, 2010

not tomatoes, but the plants with their nightshade, I am wondering if this is something I should not place in the bin with the weeds and other plant trash from the garden.

Anyone? Other leaves and weeds can go, but I am very doubtful about tomato plants.

Plus! I think I have hit the two pound mark, placing peeling waste from the fruit that I had placed in the fridge so I could help the worms combat our 100F weather this week (and I have more in the freezer...)I turned over the top and discovered worms were EVERYWHERE~~in all sizes. Itty bitty ones, large really fat fishing ones, cocoons, all over, on top of the soil and on top of the nitrogen waste, like toilet paper tubes, paper plates, etc. Wow~ now having dumped another two cups of sand in there for the worms, I am really going to have to split up the bin into two colonies, and get the second one ready for an alternating feeding schedule, and get it ready to give to my daughter next year.

My bin is now under shelving out on a terrace and always out of direct sun, I am hoping the cold or frozen fruit peelings will help the worms out this week. We are having 100+ weather all week.

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Shouldn't be a problem. (My worms certainly haven't objected!) Tomato plants do contain an alkaloid, but most new sources list that as tomatine, not solanine. There's an article link below, general-audience piece on the edibility of tomato leaves _for people_; it has some decent sources for the hard-science data, if you're interested.

Congrats on the milestone!


Here is a link that might be useful: The Tomato, Accused but Probably O.K.

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