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equinoxequinoxAugust 17, 2010

If all limitations were gone, what vermicomposting system would you set up?

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I'm not sure yet since I have yet to even harvest castings. I'm thinking about eventually doing an outdoor and indoor worm bins. I'm starting to like the idea of having several worm bins because then I will only kill one system at a time. :) All I know for sure right now is I need a lot more worms.

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

My dream system? I can only have one??

One dream I have would be to use vermiculture in conjunction with the large food pantry where I have volunteered for the last 12 years or so. This pantry throws out so much cardboard, and so much outdated food, and works with so many agencies that it has to turn away volunteers. I would love to get a program started like the one I read about ( but can't find again,) where they used windrows and trenches to vermicompost.

For myself, I would want a farmette, and to have my worms be part of a chicken, greenhouse, garden system that worked together. I love how it is described on this website:

Here is a link that might be useful: chickens in the winter greenhouse/ modern homesteading

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My dream system would have a small foot/floor print, would take up to 5 pounds of waste per day (including paper products,) wouldn't need any freezing or extra chopping, would magically erradicate ALL fruit flys and would look if not pretty, at least not ugly because it would conveniently live in my kitchen. Havesting would be as easy as just taking some castings from the "bin."

That is my dream...not that it exists. Maybe when we can use a "transporter" to remove the worms from the casts.


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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

sounds like you want this little baby. I think it costs about 450.00 installed:

Here is a link that might be useful: indoor hot composter

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You're giving me bad ideas antonia. I was looking at my outdoor chickenrun that is a 500ft. fenced in area trying to figure out how I could turn part of it into a green house. :)

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I'm with Antonia B--only one???

At work, I want a mini-Dumpster with a top-mounted hopper and industrial-strength shredder. And a padlock, so that no one has to know what's inside. (Major barriers to acceptance there. I'm working on it...) Ideally with a service contract, so the filled unit could be hauled away for harvest, though I'd want a percentage of the finished product, and I suppose the landscapers might as well.

For the home I dream of but do not have, I want a large partitioned trench, from which the worms will spread outward.

For my current limited-to-container setting but with spare cash--hah!--I want a gravity-fed aquaponics set-up with worms in the beds, a container bog, and a secure closed vermiponics set-up in addition to what I already have.

I'm not greedy, I just want it all! -G-


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Antoniab-yah, I guess to does sound like that's what I want. I didn't know. Only problem is that there is no worms in the system. What fun is that.

And you reminded me of the animals. With no limitations I could go on and on about chickens and pigs. Pigs and chickens eating the kitchen waste, worms eating pig and chicken poo and bedding. That sorta thing...

Love the link you posted re: chickens in a green house. If only I had 7-10 acres. I guess I'll have to stick with worms in my kitchen for now.


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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

Anita, that whole site (from whence the page came) is fascinating. And yes, the kitchen composter needs some worms on top, just to play with!

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antoniab I have see that site before and do love it. I like how the bin does double duty as a walk way and how feeding is as simple as opening one of the walkway squares.

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