Shredding Cardboard

depictureboyAugust 17, 2010

Since everyone here has been so great in making suggestions with my worm problem i wanted to share how to easily shred cardboard and newspaper.... main hobby is can see some of my work here:

anyway I had a bandsaw given to me, its an older 12" model that i dont really use. I have an old dull blade on it, and I thought to myself...hmmmm.....

So I tried it out cutting down boxes into little 1x2 or 2x2 squares and it worked very well. NOW...not everyone would have one of you might say...hey, does this help me?

Well if you do cutup alot of cardboard...a bandsaw is a great tool to have and Lowes of all places has a mini-bandsaw for only $100...They only have the SKIL listed on their site, but I am sure the one I saw locally was a hitachi....check it out...just becareful...dont get complacent...bandsaws are safer than tablesaws, but they can still bite pretty good.

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

That sounds like fun, actually! I think I will give it a (careful) try! Thanks!

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My shredder is a Brother's 10 sheet crosscut. It works well enough and will shred cardboard if I cut it into narrow strips but even then it sometimes stalls. An 18 sheet machine can be had for under $300.00 and I think I will get one of those. A lot safer and more convenient than a power saw which I don't have anyway.

Dave Nelson

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Yeah I'm also a bandsaw fan. At work have large 6ft blade can handle large stacks at 1/4" width.

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Well after reading this post I went into my back porch and used a cheap jig saw on some cardboard. It was easy to cut small squares. The only thing was to keep the cardboard supported close to the blade. It cut three layers deep easy. I bought the saw at a big box store on sale for about 12 dollars. Thanks for the idea. It sure makes it a lot easier


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Well more cardboard sawed up with my jig saw. I used a tote with a board across to support the cardboard and not damage the tote as the blade needs to be real close to a solid edge to cut. It is not as good as a band saw but way better than nothing I was able cut up a good sized box into 2x3 inch chunks in short time. Just do it where the fuzz from cutting will not be a problem. Thanks again for the idea.


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