corn husks as bedding in indoor vermicomposting

shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)August 8, 2009

Hi ...

my worm bin (an indoor Worm Factory) has been running for about 6 weeks, and i am close to adding a second tray.

Now that corn season is in full swing, i was wondering if i could use strips of corn husks as bedding for the 2nd tray? It would not be 100% corn husks, but mixed in with shredded paper. I had used coconut coir as bedding in the first tray, and since coconut husk is similarly fibrous, i was wondering if i could make use of it. (I live in an apartment and don't have an outdoor composting area to place the husks, and would hate to throw it out.)



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I don't know whether fresh corn husks count as food or bedding, but whatever it is, it works. You can put it in your worm bin. At least I've been doing that all along and have had no problem.

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Good to know mbetts. I've got a couple ears here, and I was wondering about the husks as well. I'll tear or chop mine.

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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

mbetts, thank you very much for the advice!

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Fresh husks are food. I snip mine to make the fibers shorter.

Dry husks are browns. I'd still snip them up. So if you have room to dry them out go for it.

I haven't been able have any corn this year. The corn in the garden hasn't done well at all. Went to tassel at 18" high. And the local stores still haven't gotten anything but a few ears that they are selling pre-shucked at an unbelievable price. Not to mention its all white corn. Never liked white corn myself.

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I snipped my fresh ones into smaller pieces and they are in the bin, doing fine. It won't be long before the lads are all over them.

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