NEW: Fall Fling Group Seed Exchange

tkhooper(7)September 12, 2007

So...dig into those boxes of seeds, and start packing them up!

The deadline for mailing your seeds is November 5th.

The following is from tkhooper:


1. Please try to put at least 20 seeds per pack. Seed packets need to have the name of the seed on them. If english/american is your second language you may want to use the scientific/botanical name for the plant. That makes it easier to find in english. Other nice things to have on the envelope that are not necessary are USDA growing zones if known, growing conditions (sun vs. shade, ph if unusual, if it needs light to germinate) your screen name. These things are not necessary.

Send a pack of seeds that you would be happy receiving!

2. Mail your seeds no later than November 5th.

3. Send a wishlist of the seed you would like with the understanding that I'll do my best but can't guarantee that you will get what you hope for. As regards wishlist, these can be as specific or as general as you would like or you don't have to do one at all. Or they can be a combination. For example I'm looking for tropical plants to grow indoors since I don't have a garden patch anymore. That's rather general. But I am also looking for Dutchman's Pipe. Now that is specific. So I could put both of them on my wish list. It just helps me to select which seeds to send you when I have a very wide selection to chose from.

4. Send a SASBE (self-addressed stamped bubble envelope) with your seeds. Please make sure you have enough return postage on the envelope.

5. Please limit the maximum number of seed packs per envelope to 100. Multiple mailings are ok!

6. I will do my best to get your seeds to you by Thanksgiving.

7. Please limit same seed types to a maximum of 25 seed packets. For example if you are sending in Blue Columbines please don't send in more than 25 packets of this type. But you could also send in 25 Red Columbines in the same envelope and that would be great.

8. If the seed type is very common please limit the number of seed packets to 10 especially if you are mailing close to the dead line. Types of seeds that fall into this catagory. Sunflowers, Zinnia, Cone Flowers, Marigolds, and Morning Glories. The explanantion of 'Seed Types' is the same as explained above. If for example you have several different kinds of sunflowers you are welcome to send in 10 seed packets of each kind.

NOTICE! All seed packs will be cataloged.

If you send weed seeds we will be able to track who they came from, and you will be banned from participating in future fall fling seed swaps!

Let the Fall Fling Seed Swap BEGIN!

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Yes! Please put me on your list!

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count me in

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TK, What is your e-mail address so I can e-mail you so you can e-mail me your snail mail?

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ramazz(8a VA)

Well, I was going to sign up for this one, too, but you don't have any contact information on your gardenweb page. I think you need to edit that!


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I need to make sure I'm clear on a couple of things before I sign up.

Let's see if I'm understanding this exchange correctly. Need to send at least 100 seed packs with at least 20 seed each. To whom do I send the seed?


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Hi everyone

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back here. I've been sick most of September.

Linda you don't have to send in 100 seed packets that is the maximum you can send in at one time. You can send in as few as 1 if you want to. But yes we do ask that there be at least 20 seeds in each packet.

I'm not terrible familar with this site. I will try to update my profile so that you can e-mail me.

I hope you all enjoy the fall fling as much as I do.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

TK hosted the first big swap I ever participated in on another site and she did a great job. I'm in. The timing is great too. With seeds still setting here, I will have some new stuff to send, stuff I didn't have for the last two. :-)

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Okay. I'm still in! I harvested a bunch of seeds over the weekend that need new homes!

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can you email me your addy so i can mail

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Bump - Is this still alive?

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No, I don't think so. It was originally part of the swap from The Gardener's Forum, but their management got mad that she advertised over here for additional swappers. The things is, she advertised it here last year, and no one said a word. shrug. Not sure what their problems is.


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roflol(Z6 MO)

Darn. I knew she had posted one over there too but figured either she'd handle them separately or mix 'em up a bit... didn't matter to me either way. Well, that's unfortunate. I hope she participates in one of the swaps over here herself anyway. TK's a good trader.

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Don't give up all hope. suzydaze is doing a Fall Flower Fling. And I am sure she will post overhear. She posts in many many forums. The Fall Fling is her deal and she gets many many participants.

If you don't see a post from her within just a few days let me know and I'll e-mail her with your e-mail information if you want me too. Many of you probably already know her.

I'm sorry this didn't come off well. I don't really think a very small round robin would work very well and I just don't have the network that suzydaze does. If you can't find hers there is another swap going on over at Southern Spirit Hunters by Barleychown. Hopefully you will participate in one or both of these and enjoy them. I know both of the hostesses and they are good people.

I'm so sorry things didn't work out on this one. For some reason your e-mails went to my junk mail folder rather than my inbox. If I had seen them sooner I would have replied sooner. But I've been sick and just haven't been keeping up with things the way I like to.

Take Care all and hopefully I'll be able to put something together next year.

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I was looking at the seed swaps this morning and saw that this one fell through. I have a seed swap listed here under the Round Robins as The Petal Pushers Seeds Swap. I think there are only about 5 people who posted here, so I will be happy to have those who already posted here participate in The Petal Pushers Seed Swap if you like without having to become members. I certainly think that would be okay with me only adding a few extra people. Anyway, if you are interested in the specifics, read the posting there and send me e-mail and I will send e-mail back to you.
I believe I listed the mail out deadline for you to get your seeds to me as October 26th or 27th, so take a look at the rules for that seed swap soon.
I promise to send you some great packets of seeds.
Hope you can join in!


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Here's the title if anybody is interested in suzydaze's big swap. It is near the top on the Round Robin Exchage Forum:

NEW: big one time seed trade

Sandlapper rose -- the later due date is more accomodating for me, but it was so very nice of you to offer to let us in.


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Yes, Sandlapper rose, thank you for inviting us. I signed up for the "big on time seed trade"!, & am in several others, so I think I'm in enough now!
Thank you,

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ramazz(8a VA)

Well, I am going to do both the Big One and the Petal Pushers!


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